Mission Statement

Conroy Select Properties will assist the Client in a successful and satisfying real estate transaction through careful research, constant communication, attention to detail, and smart negotiation.


The four pillars of the mission statement provide the foundation for intelligent and sound business principles. Intrinsic to these principles is the understanding that our service places our valued clients as the highest and most important priority in the transaction. We understand, however, that buying or selling a home is not just a business transaction, and that it can be an emotional process. We carefully and effectively balance that emotion with the management and coordination of the business details. Our systematic sales approach, complemented with a human touch, has proven to help our clients realize their dreams, while doing the very best to preserve their wealth.

It is also important to us to be charitable when we succeed. Every closing is celebrated with a donation to organizations that provide valuable services to those in need. Each year a specific organization is chosen as a recipient. Beneficiaries have recently included: